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Beacon Health OptionsŪ On Track Outcomes

Welcome to the Beacon Health OptionsŪ On Track Outcomes web site, a resource for Beacon Health OptionsŪ network clinicians. The On Track program is designed to support Beacon Health OptionsŪ clinicians as they help their clients stay "on track" in achieving their goals. This program is based on the completion of a brief questionnaire, the Client Feedback Form (CFF), by the client during the course of receiving counseling services. This questionnaire, provided to the client by the clinician, takes approximately two minutes to complete.

Important News: Providers are now able to access their tools and forms on the On Track website by logging in through ProviderConnect at By logging in through ProviderConnect, you will not need to enter your On Track user ID or password in order to gain access to your On Track tools or forms.

Important News: Participating clinicians may now use On Track for all of their commercially insured or private pay clients, including, if they choose, those clients who are not Beacon Health OptionsŪ members! Please make sure to print the updated versions of the Client Feedback Form and the Information for Clients document before using On Track with your non-Beacon Health Options clients. You can download the CFF by clicking on "My Forms" in the left menu bar or from your MyForms page.

Beacon Health OptionsŪ On Track Outcomes Overview

Learn More: Online self-guided introduction to On Track

MyToolkit: OnTrack Web-based Toolkit

  • Easily view your data and graph progress for individual cases.
  • Compare your results to benchmarks from a large national sample of other clinicians as well as from meta-analyses of psychotherapy studies.
  • Note: You must be a registered user to access your toolkit

Frequently Asked Questions

Client Feedback forms Online Manual

Note: The Beacon Health OptionsŪ On Track Outcomes program does not make recommendations or decisions about appropriate clinical care or service. Any questionnaires, reports, guidelines and other material related to this program are intended as an informational aid to network clinicians. They do not substitute for or limit in any way the use of other resources and the provider's own professional judgment in the delivery of counseling services.

The ACORN web site is not the property of Beacon Health OptionsŪ. The ACORN web is shaped by the community of outcomes-informed clinicians and organizations committed to outcomes-informed behavioral health service delivery. Beacon Health OptionsŪ participates in the ACORN collaborative and utilizes the ACORN web platform to facilitate the On Track program, but is not responsible for information and resources provided in sections of the ACORN site not related to the Beacon Health OptionsŪ On Track outcomes program.
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