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Honors For Outcomes

The PacifiCare Behavioral Health (PBH) Honors For OUtcomes program is a rare example of a large managed behavioral healthcare organization offering its providers an avenue to demonstrate their clinical effectiveness and thereby increase their rate of referals.

In order to be listed on the Honors For Outcomes web site, clinicians have acheived above average outcomes over the proceeding three year period. Inclusion on the Honors For Outcomes list has been shown to be predictive of future outcomes. Clinicians and group practices meeting the criteria for inclusions tended to average a lower overall cost of care than non Honors providers, resulting in Honors for Outcomes providers demonstarting that their services resulted in greater value to the heath plan and employers than the non Honors providers.

PBH was acquired by United Behavioral Health (UBH) in 2006. UBH has not annouced its future plans for the Honors For Outcomes program. -- JebBrown - 10 Jan 2007


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