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Center for Clinical Informatics, LLC

The Center for Clinical informatics is a consulting group focused on improving quality, outcomes and value in behavioral health care.

Jeb Brown, PhD is the President and managing partner for CCI. Jeb has over 20 years experience working with health plans and other payers to implement best practices for outcomes management.

Other senior consulting partners include Joanne Cameron, PhD; Director of Human Resources, Takuya Minami, PhD; Director of Research and Development and applications developer, Jennifer Ogle, owner of Radioactive Frog Web Design.

All revenue is payment for services provided, such as access to the ACORN Toolkit, data entry fees, training/consultation, and data analysis/reporting services. Customers include clinician owned practices, hospital based practices, private non-profits and various health plans interested in promoting high value services to plan members. CCI receives no revenue from "intellectual property rights".

CCI receives no grant money to conduct research but the Center does maintain an internal research and development program funded through revenues for services. Most of the research and development is performed in collaboration with ACORN users, health plans, and academic affiliates.

CCI provides ongoing support for ACORN (A Collaborative Outcomes Resource Network) by providing hosting services, technical support, & content regarding measurement methods, etc. The ACORN wiki site is devoted to fostering collaboration in the furtherance of the science and methodologies associated with outcomes informed care, including encouraging the use of client self report questionnaires. All rights to questionnaires items, information on normative on normative data, and measurement methods are made publicly available at no charge.

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