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Data Capture

How it works and tips for accuracy

We can capture data from questionnaires using either online data entry or paper forms that can be scanned or faxed for data capture using Cardiff Software's Teleform optical mark and character recognition software. Because of the economy and ease of use of paper forms, most sites users of ACORN questionnaires prefer this method of data capture. The completed forms are simply faxed to our toll free number. The Data Center team works to get your data processed, verified, and into your Toolkit as quickly as possible, usually within a few hours.

We find that clinicians who monitor their data and alert us of any error have better outcomes, in general. Here you can find information about the common issues of data capture, how we work to ensure the data is complete and accurate in our database, the causes of data errors, and how to submit a request for a correction. This topic is devoted to the data our participating clinicians, sites and organizations work so diligently to obtain and submit.

Thank you for your patience while this topic is under construction!

Common Issues Of Data Capture

Many of the common problems of accurate data capture originate with the need to complete forms by hand and submit them by fax. Listed here are the most common problems we see with incoming forms:

A critical ID field is overlooked and missing from the submitted form.

A critical ID field is difficult to read on account of how it is written or the quality of the copy or fax.

Poorly functioning fax machines result in any number of page distortions.

Response fields are marked in any number of inaccurate ways.

How We Work To Ensure Data Is Complete And Accurate

We make corrections as soon as they are brought to our attention.

We review our database regularly and watch for processing errors.

An image of your faxed form is available for your review as part of the ACORN Clinician's Decision Support Toolkit. For each Client ID, you may follow the hyperlink Session Date of the form you wish to view unless the form was processed manually by a member of our staff.

Data Errors and How To Submit A Request For A Correction

How You Can Minimize Data Errors

Shorter Client ID or Case numbers: The Client ID is a unique ID chosen by the clinician. Each ID should only be used for one client and entered on every form submitted for that client. (Identifying numbers such as Social Security Numbers, phone numbers, birthdates, etc. should not be used in the Client ID.) We estimate we can process a single hand-written digit at better than 99.9% accuracy. As an example, the potential error rate of a 7-digit hand-written Client ID is .7% (7 digits * 0.01% error rate).

Careful handwriting and neatness can greatly reduce error rates.

Things To Know About The ACORN Clinician's Decision Support Toolkit

By default, the Toolkit only displays "active cases," or those seen within the last 60 days, to draw attention to those cases still likely to be in treatment. You can modify the Date Range to view cases earlier than the past 60 days.

Contact Us:

Data Center,, 801-993-2683 JOANNE CAMERON, Ph.D., 801 739=6268

Thank you for monitoring your data accuracy!

To submit a request for a data correction please e-mail with the following information:

  1. ) The incorrect piece of data, and the associated Session Date.
  2. ) Your Clinician ID/NPI.
  3. ) The correction that needs to be made.

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