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Jeb Brown, PhD

Jeb Brown is a psychologist with over 35 years experience in management of mental health services and the use of outcome data to optimize patient benefit and return on investment to providers, employers and payers. Other interests include skiing and sport car racing.

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Work History

1998 - Present: President; Center for Clinical Informatics, LLC

  • Project coordinator for the ACORN collaboration.
  • Director of ACORN psychotherapy clinic.
  • Consultation in the area of behavioral health services, improving outcomes, and ethical cost management.
  • Data management and analysis.
  • System development & data warehousing
  • Analysis of claims data, including case mix adjustment and cost benchmarking
  • Development of algorithms and other clinical decision support tools.

2001 - 2014: Psychologist; Sundance Behavioral Resources, LLC (part-time)

  • Provides psychological services including assessment, psychotherapy and consultation.
  • Provider for a variety of managed care organizations.

1993 - 1998: Director of Clinical Programs; Aetna Health Plan/Human Affairs International

  • Reported to the Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President for Clinical Policies and Programs.
  • Oversaw development of utilization management and level of care criteria used to manage 23,000,000 covered lives.
  • Oversaw development of a comprehensive volume of treatment guidelines.
  • Oversaw development and implementation of the Clinician Information System

Executive Director; United Behavioral Systems - Utah

  • Responsible for the management and delivery of services to enrollees of two HMOs under capitation contracts for all inpatient and outpatient services.
  • Organized a system of care including crisis oriented inpatient services, partial hospital and comprehensive outpatient services provided through staff model clinics.
  • Instrumental in developing short stay unit within a Community Psychiatric Center hospital in Salt Lake City that became their national model for short stay, crisis oriented inpatient programming.

1982 - 1987: Executive Director; Center for Family Development.

  • Specializing in treatment of domestic violence and child abuse.
  • Managed growth from a small under funded primarily volunteer-staffed organization to a well-established agency with multiple sources of funding.
  • Multiple state and local contracts for treatment services, including treatment services for Utah State Department of Corrections operated residential treatment facility for incest offenders.

1975 - 1982: A variety of clinical positions

  • Coordinator for crisis intervention program
  • Drug and alcohol counselor in rural mental health clinic
  • Day treatment program for chronically mentally ill
  • Family violence and child abuse programs


  • Ph.D.; Counseling Psychology, Duke University, Durham, N.C. 1984
  • M.A.; Counselor Education, Appalachian State University, Boone, N.C. 1975
  • B.A.; English, Davidson College, Davidson, N.C. 1973


  • Psychologist, State of Utah
  • License # 113405-2501

Professional Organizations

  • American Psychological Association
  • Utah Psychological Association


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