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ACE Statistics

The ACE Statistics application in the Toolkit provides administrative users tools to quickly view and graph summary information in outcomes for individual clinicians. The statistics provided are used to determine if a clinician meets the criteria for an ACORN Certificate of Effectiveness (ACE).

Clinicians who meet the ACE Criteria will find a link in their Toolkit to permit them to print our their personalized Certificate of Effectiveness.

The key measure of effectiveness is a SAES that is calculated using a Multi Level or Hierarchical Linear Model (HLM) that treats clinicians as a random effect. Use of random-effects HLM assures that clinicians are given the benefit of the doubt when sample sizes are low.

For a more technical description of the ACORN methodology for estimating treatment effectiveness, see: ACETreatmentOutcomesEvaluationMethod.pdf

The ACE Stats table provides a case count and form count for each clinician, as well as the simple mean SAES (as displayed in the clinicians Toolkit) and SAES(HLM). The user can choose to view summary data from the previous 12 months or bases on all data in the Toolkit.

The graphing utility plots the HLM adjusted SAES with 90 upper and lower bound confidence intervals. To qualify for the ACE certificate, the SAES(HLM) most be above .5 with 90% confidence, at least 50% of cases having multiple assessments, and at least 15 clinical range cases with multiple assessments. A clinician is awarded an ACE if either set of data meets the criteria.


The user can also filter results by service type. Each clinician ID is linked with a service type. Currently five service types are supported: therapy with a clinician, therapy with a prescriber, group therapy, care management, and telephonic EAP.

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