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Please explain what I am seeing on the main Toolkit page

When you first open the Toolkit, you will find a display of summary data and a graph of your Severity Adjusted Effect Size. By default, this page will display data for the most recent assessments for all cases you have seen within the past 60 days.
  • Be sure to set the Report to 'Client Episodes - View Data and Summary' if you'd like to information on individual cases.
  • To view data from different time periods, change the date range values.
  • New Toolkit data is updated into the toolkit about every 30 minutes.
    • Changes or corrections to existing data (as completed by the datacenter staff) require a nightly update before they will be visible in the toolkit.
    • Electronically submitted forms are available for viewing from the 'Fax/Forms Processed' page immediately after they've submitted. (The statistical measures & case itself won't be updated for up to 30 minutes though)
    • If you receive an error message, wait 60 seconds and try again.
Below the tables and graph are client level data, with relevant test scores and and other variables displayed in table form.
  • Click on variable names for more information.
  • Click on Up and Down arrows to sort variables.
  • Click on User Settings (Menu Selection) to chose which variables to display.
  • Click on Client ID to graph a case.


Introduction to the Toolkit

Welcome! The following materials will help you understand why you should measure outcomes, and how to get started in ACORN so that your clients can begin benefiting from Outcomes Informed Care.


Using the ACORN Tools to Help More Clients


Why Measure Outcomes?

How to Submit Data?

Viewing your Data

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Toolkit Help Menu

Links to brief instructional videos are included under each help topic

Click here to view ACORN Questionnaires Online Manual

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