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ACORN Clinician's Decision Support Toolkit

The ACORN Clinician's Decision Support Toolkit is a browser based application for viewing and graphing outcome data housed in a secure SQL Server database. The Toolkit is designed as a highly flexible application, capable of housing and displaying data from a limitless variety of outcome questionnaires. For the most current information please visit

Development of the Toolkit clinical information system is a result of collaboration of several large health plans and managed care organizations. The impetus is to encourage outcomes informed care within their network of providers. The design and ongoing development of the toolkit are guided by feedback from the growing user base of clinicians and administrators.

The Toolkit clinical information system is hosted on servers owned and maintained by the Center for Clinical Informatics. The Center for Clinical Informatics meets all SOC 2 security standards.

The servers dedicated to the ACORN system are housed at a ViaWest , which also meets all SOC 2 standards.

Complete and accurate data is critical for FeedbackInformedTreatment. Click here to Visit the Data Center and learn more about the data management team and how incoming data is processed and made available for analysis through the Clinician's Decision Support Toolkit.
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