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Why are my episodes of care being separated?

The toolkit will separate cases into separate treatment episodes whenever any of the following criteria is met:
  • 120 days have passed between two consecutive sessions
    • The toolkit considers this to be a long enough period of time that the two sessions are no longer a part of the same treatment episode
  • Youth forms that are filled out by the parent vs those that are filled out by the child will separate into two different cases
    • Parent-filled youth forms are indicated by the icon
  • A client transitioning between child forms & adult forms
    • The metrics and norms for youth forms and adult forms are completely different, so it's necessary to have separate graphs for each
These rules are hard-coded into the toolkit. We are unable to make individual exceptions for any of these rules.

The most common issue is that 120 days have passed. If this is the case for you, and you don't want to see the old case in your caseload, we recommend using a smaller date filter, like the default filter of the last 2 months. This way, old cases will naturally filter out of your toolkit view, leaving only relevant cases on your main toolkit page.


Introduction to the Toolkit

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