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HealthShare-logo.jpgOutcomes Improvement Collaboration

The primary objective of this collaboration is to improve the treatment outcomes and thereby the well-being and quality of life for consumers of mental health and substance abuse services.

Agencies engaged in this initiative are actively testing the premise that the consumers's subjective experience of increased well-being, decreased symptoms, improved relationships, and improved overall quality life are an important element in evaluating the effectiveness of care. Use of patient self-report questionnaires are the only means to systematic receive consumer feedback. The collaborators in this project are actively exploring the benefits to consumers from making outcome and alliance questionnaires an integral part of the treatment process.

The content of this page evolves based on feedback from clinicians and the needs of the Health Share program.

Clinician's Toolkit

Training Resources

  • Multnomah County ACORN Users Web Site
  • All-Inclusive PowerPoint: ACORN_Training_PowerPoint_with_Videos.ppt
    • What it is: A little Research (slide 3)
    • How it Works: Day to Day Practicalities (slide 17)
    • Using ACORN: Web-Based Panel Discussions (slide 36)
    • Using ACORN Data to Inform Service Conclusion (slide 43)
    • Using ACORN in Supervision: Web-Based Panel Discussion (slide 53)
    • Using ACORN Data in Program Evaluation (slide 62)

Frequently asked questions

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