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Item Inventory

The ACORN method for questionnaire development depends on an inventory of items with known psychometric properties. This permits organizations to select items that best fit their measurement needs. The following information is provided for each item:
  • Variable Name in data base
  • Item type (ACORN questionnaires, PHQ9, GAD)
  • Domain (Primary factor such as Global Distress, Substance Abuse/Addictions, Alliance)
  • Sub-domain (classified item content type, but may not be a separate factor).
    • Examples: Symptoms, Functionality, Relationships
  • Sample size
  • Mean score at intake
  • Standard Deviation at Intake
  • Slope of change (used in regression formula to predict final score in treatment episode)
  • Intercept (used in regression formula to predict final score in treatment episode; intake scores below this point are likely to increase overtime in treatment)

New items are added to the inventory from time to time. The normative information on each item is updated on a continuous basis. The following link to the Toolkit provides information on the items currently in the inventory. No log in is required to view this information.

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