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ACORN Questionnaires

The ACORN Questionnaires refer to a suite of constantly evolving outcomes and alliance questionnaires derived from the ACORN Item Inventory. The ACORN Item Inventory and associated questionnaires are the result of multiple years of collaboration involving thousands of clinicians, university affiliated researchers, health plan affiliated administrators/researchers and other interested parties.

The use of a large item inventory permits design of questionnaires tailored to the measurement needs and treatment population. For example, versions of ACORN questionnaires have been created specifically for eating disorders, trauma survivors, the severe and persistently mentally ill, addictions, patients with religious concerns, and other disorder specific variations. Questionnaires are refined data accumulates and new items are tested.

QuestionnaireIcon.jpg Sample Questionnaires

ACORN Outcome Questionnaires Online Manual

Item selection

ACORN questionnaires are developed using advanced analytic methods, resulting in questionnaires with outstanding psychometric properties. The specific item content of a questionnaire is customized for use in different treatment populations and settings. All normative data is retained at the item level, so that each item is continuously subjected to a variety of psychometric tests based on both Classical Test Theory and Item Response Theory. This approach maintains flexibility in questionnaire design, while assuring that all questionnaires possess high levels of reliability, validity, and sensitivity to change in the target population.

The result are questionnaires designed to be as brief and efficient as possible while maintaining exceptional psychometric properties for their intended purpose.

Alliance Items

One of the the distinguishing features of ACORN outcome questionnaires is the use of items asking for feedback on the working alliance during the prior therapy session. This means that the client is encouraged to provide feedback on a continuous basis.

Including these alliance items on the questionnaires has been shown to result in significantly better treatment outcomes.
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