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Resource Optimization Initiative

This web is devoted to the ACORN initiative to provide tools to optimize the allocation of limited financial and human resources to maximize benefit to patients, and as a by-product, to employers, payers and society as a whole.

Client self-report outcome questionnaire data are critical to understanding how to best allocate resources to treatment services, increasing the ratio of patient improvement to cost of care (value).

The ACORN data repository contains a an invaluable trove of information waiting to be organized and presented to clinicians and managers. In order to make this information more accessible, we are developing a set of tools (working title: Resource Optimization Intelligence). These tools provide information that aid in both improving patient outcomes and assuring the services are cost effective, with maximum return on investment to the employer or payer.

These tools include algorithms to generate clinical messages that aid the clinician in interpreting the patient data graphed in their Toolkit. The algorithms provide case level prompts.

The ACORN Toolkit provides a powerful platform for rapid algorithm development and deployment, allowing organizations to customize the logic to best fit the unique needs of the treatment population.

Multiple practices and payers haved participate in the process of developing and testing the ROI tools. If you are interested in being a part of this process, please contact

ROI Web Utilities

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