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Feedback Informed Therapy Quality Improvement Initiative

Tufts Health Plan is reaching out to a select group of contracted network behavioral health practitioners to invite their participation in a quality improvement initiative involving the use of Feedback Informed Therapy (FIT). FIT is an approach in which clinicians use standardized tools to routinely obtain patient input and feedback regarding their current status, their progress in treatment, and the strength of the clinical alliance between patient and practitioner.

Increasingly, employers, primary care physicians, and plan members are asking for evidence of value of the services they receive and the benefits that cover those services, and the demand for greater accountability among behavioral health providers and payers is growing rapidly. Routine measurement of treatment outcomes is necessary in order to demonstrate value. If the effectiveness of services canít be quantified, then value canít be determined. Providers selected to participate in the initiative will be able to demonstrate the value of the care that they provide. This has been shown in other markets to be a powerful marketing tool for clinicians, enabling them to quantify their effectiveness to ACOs, referring PCPs, other stakeholders, and potential users of their services.

The use of a feedback-informed approach to psychotherapy is considered an evidence-based practice by SAMHSA and has been shown to result in improvements in clinician effectiveness even among highly trained and highly experienced therapists. For groups and clinics, FIT also has valuable applications for training and supervising staff, assigning new patients to the clinicians who work best with a given population, and managing high risk cases.

Practitioners invited to participate in this pilot initiative will receive tools and support to measure the progress of their patients throughout treatment and to quantify clinical outcomes of their episodes of care, all by using brief, empirically validated member-completed standardized outcome questionnaires.

Participating practitioners also will receive access to easy-to- use, online self-service information management tools that allow them to assess status and results, and identify and respond to clinical barriers to good outcomes.

Practitioners that already routinely measure their outcomes can still participate, and will be offered assistance in analyzing, standardizing and comparing the results they already measure.

To execute on this pilot Tufts Health Plan is proud to be partnering with the Center for Clinical Informatics, a highly respected group focused on improving quality, outcomes and value in behavioral health care. CCI provides the clinical tools, science, and information management that power ACORN (A Collaborative Outcomes Research Network), a collection of researchers, practitioners, and payers that come together to work continuously to achieve superior clinical outcomes. We hope you will join us in our mission!

A wealth of additional information from the Center for Clinical Informatics is available in the links below.

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