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ACORN History

The ACORN collaboration evolved out of a 20 year collaboration of researchers from multiple universities. The ACORN site was initiated in 2007. Ongoing collaboration involves providers, researchers, health plans and other payers, working continuously to achieve superior clinical outcomes throughout the United States.

The collaboration has resulted a a suite of well validated questionnaires and the ACORN Clinician's Decision Support Toolkit. The Toolkit is a secure web based tool for viewing results and accessing various forms of feedback and decision support tools. Routine use of outcome questionnaires and the Toolkit has been shown to result in significant gains in the average improvement per case, with a concomitant significant decrease in patients leaving treatment prematurely due to a worsening of symptoms.

The ACORN data repository has become one of the largest databases on mental health outcomes in the world, with data for thousands of new patients being added on a monthly basis. This means that the ACORN Toolkit algorithms for case mix adjustment, identifying at risk cases, and evaluating treatment outcomes are empirically derived based on one of the richest sources of behavioral healthcare data in the world.

For a peer reviewed article describing the ACORN tools and evidence for improved outcomes, download: A Collaborative Outcome Resource Network (ACORN): Tools for Increasing the Value of Psychotherapy

Primary support for the ACORN collaboration is provided by health plans and other payers. The collaboration receives no direct support from private foundations or governmental grants. The questionnaires are offered at no charge to interested parties.

Use of the ACORN Decision Support Toolkit and associated support services for data entry, analysis, etc. does involve costs. These costs are generally covered by health plans and other payers.

For a more complete history of ACORN including links to the relevant research publications by the collaboration, download: A_Collaborative_Outcomes_Research_Network.pdf
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