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Clinical Informatics Racing Team

Where speed and accuracy counts

The Center for Clinician Informatics sponsors a sports car racing program in SCCA auto sanctioned autocross events. Autocross involves navigating a course defined by parking cones as fast as possible, with time penalties for every cone you hit.

All that counts is speed and accuracy. The outcomes are 90% driver, 10% car. This form of motor sports is the perfect metaphor for the mission of the Center for Clinical Informatics, where speed, accuracy and return on investment (ROI) are paramount.

Is it cost effective and is there a return on investment? Hard to say.

On the plus side, sponsorship doesn't cost much and contributes to staff moral and enthusiasm. It is more fun than the usual speed and accuracy drill of data entry. It's hard to quantify the value of fun, but from a work place productivity ROI point of view, it has to be worth something.

The cars

1996 Miata

The first generation Mazda Miata is an icon for sports car purity. Light weight, brilliantly engineered, and inexpensive.

The multitude of after market products permits the enthusiast to assemble a light weight, high performance, and inexpensive sports car capable of competing with much more expensive cars.

This Informatics Racing team car was purchased with 150,000 miles and a low mileage used engine. Subsequent modifications include a complete suspension rebuilt, with lower, stiffer springs, adjustable shocks, and firmer bushings, along with wider wheels shod with with high performance tires. Add to this an adjustable carbon fiber wing, front air splitter and some help from Jackson Racing in the form of their supercharger, tuned header, and hollow core sway bars, and we have a car capable of very high performance in an autocross. Now its all about the driver: Speed & Accuracy. Practice & feedback.

  • Co-drivers Barbara and Jeb at the 2011 season opener.
    • 3rd place for Jeb in the Super Street Modified (SSM) class; 2nd for Barbara in the ladies SSM class.

  • Time trial at the track. Good enough lap times for a plastic trophy, even if the S2000 was faster.

2000 Impreza 2.5 Rally Sport

The Subaru Impreza is legendary in the rally racing world. In carefully evaluating price, performance, reliability, and the intangible fun factor, we selected a 2000 Subaru Impreza Rally Sport 2.5 liter that had been modified for autocross competition by local legend Billy Brooks.

-- JebBrown - 25 Mar 2011

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