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Administrative Tools

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The Toolkit displays menu options accessible only to an administrative user (permission levels 1, 2 or 3)
  • Organization Settings
    • Select variables available for display in the Toolkit
    • Create welcome email for new users
    • Specify mail addresses for notification of new users
    • Specify URL link for more info
  • Add/Delete Users
    • Manage user lists and monitor usage
    • Specify permission levels
    • Associate users with multiple organizations or sites
    • Send out welcome email for new users (includes UserName and Password)
  • Send out mass emails to lists of users

    • Compose emails to go out to list of users displayed
    • Include log in information for each recipient
  • View ACE Statistics
    • Summary data on clinicians' effect size
    • Graphing utility to view results for multiple clinicians


Introduction to the Toolkit

Welcome, We recommend any users who are unfamiliar with the toolkit to either take a look at the slideshows attached just below, or watch the videos linked below that. Each video is only a few minutes long and they will provide you with just about everything you need to know to use the tools available to you to begin benefiting from Outcomes Informed Care.

The How and Why

Here are some great introductory PDF slideshows.

  • The HOW: This slideshow is a great place to start, it includes a visual walkthrough of HOW to use the toolkit, it also includes a FAQ.

  • The WHY: This slideshow focuses on the clinical reasons of WHY Outcomes Informed Care is a good idea.

How to Submit Data?

Viewing your Data

Unable to View YouTube Videos? Click Here

Toolkit Help Menu

Links to brief instructional videos are included under each help topic

Click here to view ACORN Questionnaires Online Manual

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