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Summary Statistics Viewer

The Summary Statistics Viewer in the ACORN Toolkit is available without the need for a user name and password. This page provides summary high level statistics for all data based on ACORN outcome questionnaires. It does not permit access to data for any specific organization, payer, clinician or client.

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The summary statistics available on this page are updated continuously. During the 2nd quarter of 2011, 49,718 patient completed ACORN adult questionnaires and 17,769 ACORN child and adolescent questionnaires were added the the ACORN normative data repository. With the continued expansion of the use of ACORN questionnaires during the second half of 2011, the rate of new data added to the normative data repository will continue to increase at a rapid rate. This page can also be accessed from within the Toolkit, under the Home menu.

The user may filter results by diagnostic group, plan type, and questionnaire type.

Questionnaire types include:
  • Adult questionnaires designed for general outpatient and EAP populations
  • Adult outcome questionnaire designed for use with SPMI (severely and persistently mentally ill) populations
  • Adult recovery questionnaires for use in addictions programs
  • Youth (child & adolescent) questionnaires completed by the youth or a care giver who knows the youth well.
  • Click here to view: ACORN Questionnaires Online Manual
The calculation of Severity Adjusted Effect Size and Distribution of Patient Change and based on the ACORN Criteria for Effectiveness Treatment Outcomes Evaluation Method

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