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ACORN Item Change Calculator

The item change calculator is a tool for modeling the expected sizes for combination of items on a questionnaire. This tool is useful for designing alternative versions of questionnaires and are equivalent measures of change.

The calculator takes advantage of ACORN item inventory and data repository, which includes intake and final assessment scores for all individual items. This data was used to calculate to slope and intercept values for each item in order to predict final item scores from intake scores.

The calculator contains normative information about the mean intake score and mean change scores for each item. By varying the mean intake scores by a constant, the calculator predicts the expected effect size for questionnaires across for different mean intake scores, those enabling the user to view the performance of the questionnaire across a range of severity.

Equivalent versions of the questionnaires should produce comparable change across the entire range of intake scores.

Items in this calculator are divided into 4 groupings:
  • Adult Global Distress
  • Adult Substance Abuse Recovery
  • Youth Global Distress - self report
  • Youth Global Distress - parent/other report

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