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Research Reports

This page is used to share information on analyses of ACORN data requested by various stakeholders. It also contains links to recently published article as well as articles in preparation.

  • EffectSizeChangeOverTime-8-21-17.docx
    • New analysis of effect size change, based on when patients began treatment rather than ending date. This avoids artifacts created by patients with longer lengths of treatment ending up in subsequent years.
    • Sample size of therapists and patients is reduced
    • Therapists retained in this sample averaged larger effect size than the broader population of therapists participating in ACORN.
    • Analyses addressed artifacts associated with regression to the mean
    • Results suggests that therapist who log in at least twice a month to review their data average significantly larger effect sizes in their second year than therapists who are less engaged in monitoring results.

  • Toolkit_Engagement_and_outcomes_for_at_risk_cases-SAS_output-7-10-17.docx
    • Thomas Prost suggest that we drill down and look at the relationship between therapists engagement and effect size in year two as a function of whether cases were ever flagged as off track with regard to recovery curve at any point in treatment. Great suggestion!!
    • Attached contains brief summary of results accompanied by SAS output for the analyses used.
    • 32% of cases were flagged as off track at least once during the episode. These are labeled as "signal cases". Length of treatment for these cases was twice as long as non-signal cases.
    • Effect size for signal cases much smaller than for non-signal cases.
    • Therapists engagement is associated with larger effect sizes for signal cases. Therapist engagement not predictive of effect size for non-signal cases.

  • Improving_Outcomes-ACORN_Results_and_QA_initiative-BriefReport-Draft-4-5-17.pdf
    • Presents results for analysis of the magnitude of therapists increase in effect size from year one to year two as a function effect size in the first year and frequency of Toolkit usage (Engagement) in the second year.
    • Documents shared among key ACORN stakeholders and is the basis for quality improvement initiatives to increase provider engagement.

  • Are you any a therapist?
    • Description of methodology for benchmarking outcomes for individual therapists, including use of Hierarchical Linear Modeling to adjust for sample size.
    • Presents information in the distribution of effect sizes for a sample of 2820 therapists.

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